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Wahana Playground Equipment and Rubber Flooring

Wahana Tirta provide international quality children playground equipments and Rubber Flooring. We
provide extensive array of children playground related equipments from bungee trampoline, teen
adventure playground to swings, seesaw, waterplays and so much more.

As a pioneer in rubber flooring product in Indonesia, we have many years of experiences in installation
all over Indonesia. We provide durable flooring using the best quality material with international quality

Our service include design and build, we do projects from backyard use playgrounds, schools,
apartments, real estate parks to commercial playgrounds. We provide one-stop-solution for your
playground needs from the equipment, flooring to the sun shade.

Give us a call if you need more information regarding our products and service.

Rubber Flooring
Jual Rubber Mat
Harga Rubber Mat
Distributor Rubber Mat
Supplier Rubber Mat
Jual Rubber Floor
Harga Rubber Floor
Distributor Rubber Floor
Supplier Rubber Floor
Jual Rubber Jogging Track
Harga Rubber Jogging Track
Distributor Rubber Jogging Track
Supplier Rubber Jogging Track
Jual Rubber Tiles
Harga Rubber Tiles
Distributor Rubber Tiles
Supplier Rubber Tiles
Outdoor Play Equipment
Indoor Play Equipment
Jual Indoor Rubber Tiles
Harga Indoor Rubber Tiles
Distributor Indoor Rubber Tiles
Supplier Indoor Rubber Tiles
Waterplay Interactive
Jual Waterplay
Harga Waterplay
Distributor Waterplay
Supplier Waterplay
Outdoor Fitness Equipment
Jual Outdoor Fitness Equipments
Harga Outdoor Fitness Equipments
Distributor Outdoor Fitness Equipments
Supplier Outdoor Fitness Equipments
Jogging Track & Track and Field
Jual Track
Harga Track
Distributor Track
Supplier Track
Other Play Equipments

Rubber flooring / Rubber mat

Rubber flooring / Rubber mat at Alam Sutera, Serpong


Indoor Playground Equipments

Rubber Tiles

Shade Sails

Jogging Track/Running Track


Outdoor Playground Equipments

BIS Adventure Playground Rubber Mat / Shade Sail

Coloured Flooring

Bekasi Sports Club

PT Chevron Indonesia - Pekan Baru

Jatim Waterpark Malang -- Rubber Mat / Rubber floor

Jogging Track / Rubber mat at Borobudur Hotel Jakarta

Rubber flooring / Rubber mat at Kemang Timur Commercial Playground

Indoor Rubber Tiles / Rubber Mat Ukuran 50 x 50 x 2.5 cm

Rubber flooring / Rubber mat at Pondok Indah Mall II

Stella Maris school, Serpong -- Waterplay Rubber Mat

Stella Maris school Serpong

Kiddie Planet Preschool -- Wet Dry Waterplay RubberFlooring

Outdoor fitness equipments

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Alternative Playgrounds

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Produksi playground indoor
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Suplemen playground indoor
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